Mandali Bajai

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  • History and introduction of Chimkhola village (written by Mr Prembahadur Pun Chimkhola).
  • Mythology, history, fact and fiction.

Mandali Puja is one of the major celebrations in Chimkhola and nearby villages in the Dhawalagiri Zone of western-central Nepal. Every year it is celebrated in Mangsir month’s Tuesday just after the Marghashirsha Sukla Pratipada and month of Chaitra Tuesday in ujjali on the day of Bhume Pooja with a black female goat (if possible) which can be personally observed throughout the year as on months Ujjali’s on Tuesday. It is also worshipped for personal disease, correct misfortunes and success of foreign travel. Females believe that, in due time of being witch doctor if they take Guru and serve her then 75% of them become successful.

In the beginning she used to be worshipped with a goat and two pair of pigeon shred but after 2025 BS a pair of pigeon is also used. As she was a female gift of a comb, thread, ribbon, vermilion and mirror are offered whereas some use large size Ghalek and Sari also. She is believed to be very powerful so many people come to worship her from different places.

Who is Mandali Bajai?

According to the myth about Mandali Bajai, the third granddaughter of the last Thakuri king of Dholthan was married in Waakhet in Pathlekhet VDC and the third daughter from her was Mandali Bajai. And from early childhood her character was abnormal and in due course at the age of 17-18, she was beaten and scolded because of her disliked character and languages to the villagers. Then after, in pain and madness she came to Chimkhola crossing Raghuganga River in the year 1921 BS.

Mallika Pooja was going on at MULKHARKA and a coincidence, she became a pilgrim. After the long night of celebration, on way back to Chimkhola, she was knocked by a cow called Guleni in the northern side of Mandali Than (now) known as Chulthepathi and she died of her wounds.

After 8-10 years of this incident, she started coming in the spirits of Witch doctors and said who she was? Where she came from? And convince them to worship her with the name Mandali at the present place so from the year 1930 BS Mandali’s worship started.

Fencing Mandali Bajai’s Thaan

At the beginning, there was a huge bush of a plant Puwale then in 1975 BS Mr. Chambir Tilija made a fence all round the area which initiated the disciplined worshiping of the Mandali but in the year 2008 BS a big landslide from the Tamkhane Gahra totally ruined the Puwale and area.

Then the temple was shifted to the north of the village in Chamalabot. Again from the spirit, the witch doctors said to worship in the prior place where grew a milky tree. In accordance, the villagers searched the expected area and found a Dudelo (a tree in the region of Chimkhola used to feed domestic animals), so from 2013 BS the worshiping started in the same place and the place was again fenced by Mr. Chambir Tilija.

Mandali Bajai’s Thaan

In 2021 BS Gurkha Captain (Rtd) Paha Bahadur Pun established a temple and later Subedar. Karna Bahadur Tilija’s Sons Lt (Rtd) Tam Bahaur Tilija, Mr. Som Bahadur Tilija, Sgt (Rtd) Moti Bahadur Tilija and Sgt (Rtd) Man Bahadur Tilija living at ward no. 5 built another temple on the right side.

Extension Mandali Bajai’s Thaan

Mr Sherbahadur Garbuja from Kanchhi Gaun of Chimkhola worried about congestion during the Bhume Pooja time. He decided that he would build an extension to the compound if he had enough money.  Mandali Bajai’s compound, Mr Sherbahadur Garbuja’s dream came true when his son Dutbahadur Garbuja joined in the British Army in 1982.  The mandali bajai’s compound was extended in 1985 when Mr Dutbahadur Garbuja Pun came on his first long leave from Hong Kong.

Renovate Mandali Bajai’s Temple

Again in 2062 BS the temple was renovated by Mr. Dekbahadur Pun in memory of late Gurkha Captain Pahabahadur Pun(father), late Mrs. Jaisara Pun (eldest mum), Late Mrs. Kali Maya Pun (mum), and late Mr. Indra Bahadur Pun (eldest brother). 

Mrs. Ruk Maya Pun (eldest sister in law) and Mrs. Bina Pun (wife) both helped Mr Dekbahadur Pun build the renovated Temple.

First established Mandali Club

First Mandali Club was established in 1984 in Churchcrookham UK. At present British Gurkha serving officer Lt. Tambahadur Tilija was initiated to establish Mandali Club and he had united all the serving British Gurkha under one umbrella with his leadership. Lt. Tambahadur Tilija worked hard during his chairmanship tour, organising sports activities, organising trophies for sports, lucky draw for raising fund etc.

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