Bhume Pooja


Bhume Mela the festival that each one in Chimkhola waits for a year. Hundreds of young boys and girls, children and old come to this mela from the nearby villages. Celebrated in the month of January (Chaitra) Ujjali on Tuesday with male sheep or Thoma. It is worship for good wishes of harvest of Chimkhola.

Day one:- Char thar Chimkhole (Jethi, Kanchhi, Kholapari and Talla gaun) get-together on the day at Sebang Bhume than, drinking Jard (local wine), eating thoma’s soup and rice, singing Sedo song, making up moso each other, making laugh by the all almost drunk and come down hill to Dhamaku singing with sailo bhaka. The reason of making up Moso each other is to make happy Bhume.

Day two :- After having lunch the Char thar Chimkhole gather their own location or thar  (Jethi, Kanchhi, Kholapari and Talla gaun), making up “Topa” (female) and come to Dhamku singing with Sailo bhaka. The reason of making up “Topa” is to make happy Bhume again. Topa are looking very unusual like: covering face, wearing male clothes, begging money to male and dancing with Naumati baja. Once Char thar Chimkhole gather at Dhamaku they organise “Lokanta & Lokanti program”.

What is Lokanta & Lokanti program?

Lokanta & Lokanti program is mainly base on question and answer between two Samji regarding one sandi is asking to another samdi’s daughter to marry his son. After quite long way conversation the both samdi agreed to married their children at the end of the conversation.

During the Bhume mela festival Chimkhola Mandali Youth Club is organizing various types of sports activities for both male & female like: Basketball, Volleyball, Thelo (Shoot foot) Lok Dohori, and cultural program. The Bhume mela festival goes last for six or seven days. 

Chimkhole cultural program is very high standard and famous in Nepal. During the mela Chimkhole Mandali Youth Club’s boys & girls both work very hard in order to success Bhume Puja mela accordingly.

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